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May 04, 2024

Good morning, Saturday! It's Laura, excited to see Stevie Nicks tonight in Uptown.

Weather: Heavy downpours possible, with a chance for thunder and lightning.

🎂 Happy belated birthday to our Axios Charlotte members Roberta Harper and Sandi Walthall!

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1 big thing: 💃🏻 Happy Cinco de Drinko

Cinco de Mayo celebrations across the country include festivals and parades. Photo: Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

In the U.S., where it's celebrated with tacos, tequila and margarita specials, Cinco de Mayo is often incorrectly believed to be Mexico's Independence Day.

Reality check: Cinco de Mayo marks a Mexican victory over France 50 years after Mexico's independence. (Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated on Sept. 16.)

In Mexico, the day is mainly celebrated in the Mexican state of Puebla, where the Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862.

  • In America, where it's a bigger holiday than it is in Mexico, Americans will buy more alcohol than they do on New Year's Eve or St. Patrick's Day, according to a Numerator survey.

Why Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo more than Mexicans

2. 🌮 14 tacos to try

Noche Bruta at HEX in Camp North End. Photo: Laura Barrero/Axios

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we updated our list of best Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants to add a few that have opened in the last year, including:

  • Noche Bruta, a Mexican pop-up by chef Hector González-Mora (previously of El Toro Bruto) located inside HEX in Camp North End.
  • Puerta, a fun Mexican restaurant with a tequila and agave-focused spirit menu, in Elizabeth.
  • Dos Caminos, a N.Y.-based Tex-Mex chain with a neat outdoor patio, in Uptown.

Full guide: 14 must-try Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants in Charlotte

3. 🍖 Midwood Smokehouse reopens on Central Ave.

Taquitos at Midwood Smokehouse. Photo: Remy Thurston

Speaking of Tex-Mex... Midwood Smokehouse reopened its Central Ave. location this weekend after significant renovations and expansions to its space and menu.

Dig in: The new menu now has some added Tex-Mex flare, with items like Yucatan ribs, barbecue tacos and smoked chicken taquitos.

Other upgrades include: A new private dining room available to rent for special events.

  • 40 additional seats.
  • A new M&M smoker and new tortilla maker.

Stop by: 1401 Central Ave.

  • Open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-9pm and Friday-Saturday from 11am-10pm.

4. 🩰 A few fun things to go

"Swan Lake" rehearsal. The show will feature 52 dancers in more than 90 roles. Photo: James Wiley/courtesy of Charlotte Ballet

There's so much to do in Charlotte this weekend, from festivals to sporting events, plus:

🩰 Charlotte Ballet's production of "Swan Lake" opens this weekend at Knight Theater and will include live music by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. It's the first time Charlotte Ballet will perform the beloved classic. Tickets start at $30.

🪐 May the fourth and the force be with you. VAPA (700 N. Tryon St.) will show three Star Wars films today for free, and yes, you can dress up:

  • 2pm "Rogue One"
  • 4:30pm "The Empire Strikes Back"
  • 6:30pm "Revenge of the Sith"

Check out more fun things to do in our weekender

😮‍💨 I'm exhausted after one day of music festival-ing! How do Coachella and Burning Man attendees do it?!

Thanks to Amy Stern for copy editing this newsletter.