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Celebrate your Friday.

Today's weather: Nasty out there. Heavy rain, around 65.

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1 big thing: Bloody details in new Karen Read documents

Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Karen Read's face was smeared with blood from attempting to resuscitate her boyfriend when police first encountered her in the snow the morning after the fatal incident in Canton that Read will face trial for next week.

Why it matters: That's according to newly released court documents about the discovery of Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe's body after a winter storm in January 2022.

  • 135 pages related to the defense's unsuccessful arguments to dismiss the case were made public at the request of the Boston Globe.

Read told police she didn't remember being at the home where O'Keefe died the night before.

  • Read is accused of intentionally hitting O'Keefe with her SUV after dropping him off at a party, then leaving him for dead. She faces a second-degree murder charge.

The new police reports describe the morning scene when Read returned to the site of the party.

  • Police encountered Read trying to give CPR to O'Keefe and screaming that he was dead.
  • Officers say Read spoke about killing herself and was transported to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton.

The other side: Read's lawyers say O'Keefe was actually killed at the party and Read is being framed by multiple law enforcement agencies.

  • The defense tried to have the case dismissed in part because the officers investigating the next morning knew guests at the party.

What's next: Read's trial is set to begin Wednesday.

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2. 🛤️ Tracking the T

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

The Red Line and Orange Lines had a bad day Monday, delivering only about 70% of scheduled trains, while the Blue Line ran about 77% of its expected trips, according to data analyzed by Transit Matters.

  • Monday dragged down the overall weekly performance across the system.
  • The Red Line is consistently providing around 50-60% of the service it was in 2019, while the Orange Line is doing a bit better.

Alerts: Copley Station will be closed for the marathon Monday.

  • Stations along the course — South Street, Kent Street and Saint Mary's Street — will be closed 10am to 6pm.
  • The Blue Line will shut down and be replaced by buses between Maverick and Wonderland Wednesday through Friday.

3. BTMU: A sunny marathon Monday ahead

Illustration: Lindsey Bailey/Axios

The weather forecast for Monday's marathon says it'll be a beautiful warm day for spectators, but a bit too hot for the ideal temps runners are after. (WBUR)

Only one city councilor — Ed Flynn from South Boston — voted against formally recognizing the end of Ramadan. (UHub)

The House's budget proposal will only commit $20 million to providing discount fares for low-income MBTA riders. (CWB)

  • That's $7-$10 million less than the T says the program will cost.

A Whitman boy got stuck in a chimney and had to be rescued by firefighters. (WHDH)

4. ğŸŒž Weekender

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

Here are a few things to do the weekend before the big race:


Right next door to the Boston Marathon's finish line on Boylston Street, the Boston Public Library is having an open house for a special exhibit on the 127-year-old race.

  • From 10am to 4pm, old photos, maps and other race material will be on hand with staff guiding visitors.

The New England Real Ale Exhibition comes to the South Boston Lithuanian Club Friday and Saturday, bringing over 100 casks of real ales, lagers and ciders from the U.S. and Europe – and none of those wussy imitations with added carbonation.


It's officially spring: the Public Garden Swan Boats reopen for the season at 10am.


If you're up late Patriots Day Eve, head to Lexington for the 11:30pm reenactment of Paul Revere and William Dawes' famous rides to warn the Minutemen leaders of the British troop movement.


Here's some of what's happening in Lexington Monday morning to commemorate the 249th anniversary of the start of the American Revolutionary War:

  • 5:05am — Captain John Parker drill orders on Lexington Battle Green.
  • 5:30am — Reenactment of the battle on Lexington Green
  • 1pm — Paul Revere's arrival reenactment
  • 2pm — Patriots' Day Parade
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5. 🍸 1 fancy cocktail to go: Impossible mixology

Cutline: Why don't I drink molasses and ginger beer more often? Photo: Mike Deehan/Axios

👋 Deehan here! I tried the "The Impossible is Temporary" cocktail at Civility Social House in Assembly Square last week.

  • It's full of traditional local flavors: Bully Boy Rum, molasses, clove and ginger beer.

Price: $13.50 — a bargain in 2024!

Eight-word review: Rum and cola taste for grownups without cola.

Deehan would totally have gotten stuck in a chimney in Whitman circa 1995 and feels for that kid.

Steph is the boat left foresaken on the tracks near Porter Square.

This newsletter was edited by Jeff Weiner and copy edited by James Farrell.