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1 big thing: 🌙 The nightlife dilemma

A screenshot of Michael Render, the Atlanta rapper and businessman better known as KIller Mike, speaking at an Atlanta City Council meeting
Michael Render yesterday at a Council committee meeting. Screenshot courtesy of Channel 26

Nightlife proponents, including Michael Render, the Atlanta rapper and businessman best known as Killer Mike, say the city walks a delicate line balancing public safety and one of its most undervalued and important industries.

Driving the news: Yesterday, Render joined Atlanta nightclub owners and supporters at City Hall to oppose legislation that they say could snuff out nightclubs, strip clubs and other late night entertainment businesses.

  • The list of “nuisance properties” now numbers more than 70, up from the original tally of 25, deputy solicitor Erika Smith says.

Catch up quick: Atlanta Police and city officials say a disproportionate share of violence takes place at or near a relatively small number of nightlife businesses.

Details: Sponsored by council member Dustin Hillis, the legislation directs the Atlanta municipal court to shut down a business — not just nightclubs — if the court deems them a "nuisance" two times within 24 months. Businesses could not be closed for more than 12 months.

  • The proposal follows Mayor Andre Dickens’ creation of a nightlife division to educate and inform nightclub owners how to run safe businesses.

Yes, but: Nightlife boosters told members of Council's public safety committee they think the onus should not fall solely on the businesses.

What's next: Darin Schierbaum, the city's assistant chief of police, says the department is researching whether officers can work off-duty jobs providing security at strip clubs. Council members plan a work session to discuss the legislation in the near future.

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2. 🚗 A new Kia plant?

Georgia Governor and KIA CEO cut ceremonial ribbon on new plant
Then-Gov. Sonny Perdue and Chung Mong Koo, chairman and then-co-CEO of Hyundai Motor Co./Kia Motors Corp., cut the ribbon on Kia's West Point, Ga., plant. Photo: Dave Martin/Bloomberg via Getty

Kia Motors' parent company, Hyundai Motor Co., plans to build a new electric-vehicle manufacturing plant in the U.S., and it could be coming to Georgia, as first reported by Reuters.

Why it matters: According to the AJC, the massive factory could employ 8,500 people in Bryan County, near Savannah.

Catch up quick: Kia started production at its first U.S. manufacturing facility in West Point in 2009. It employs nearly 3,000 people.

Of note: The news comes just after Georgia signed a $1.5 billion incentive package with Rivian, the EV startup planning its own massive manufacturing facility in Walton and Morgan counties.

What they're saying: A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Economic Development tells Axios, "We do not comment on speculation about economic development projects."

3. 💰 A local health company scores investments

Illustration of a charity ribbon made from a hundred dollar bill.
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

OncoHealth, an Atlanta-based digital health company focused on cancer, scored strategic investments from Arsenal Capital Partners and McKesson, the parties exclusively tell Axios Pro's Sarah Pringle.

Why it matters: The breadth of cancer treatment options keeps growing, while the oncology care management model remains outdated and ripe for innovation.

What they're saying: OncoHealth is the only player tackling the market's many pain points, which include supply-demand provider imbalance and friction between payers and oncologists, Arsenal partner John DiGiovanni says.

How it works: OncoHealth helps health plans determine if a patient is on the right drug with the right efficacy and toxicity profile and then examines if the patient can afford it.

Yes, and: OncoHealth in March unveiled Iris, a digital telehealth service connecting oncology experts with patients throughout their treatment, including 24/7 access to oncology nurses and mental health therapists.

Flashback: OncoHealth's customer base has grown 500%-plus over the last three years, with top-line growth of 45% year over year.

  • OncoHealth today works with 16 health plans, 9,200 providers, and five life science partners.

What's next: Dean says plans include digital expansion and moving into the employer market, where cancer management is a top spend.

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4. 👋 Need new friends?

Illustration of two mugs, one with the word "best" and the other with the word "friends" on their sides
Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Our eagle-eyed editor Kayla spotted this Reddit thread about how to make adult friends in Georgia. And it's got some gems.

Breaking news: Making adult friends can be hard.

Some ideas for OP from friendly Reddit users:

Of note: "It's the south. Talking to the people in the grocery line seems to be a good way to make friends" — wisdom from AuroraGrace123.

The bottom line from slothspiritanimal: "Say yes even if you are feeling lazy, or it feels too far to drive, or it's not your most favorite activity. Say yes enough, and be a good person, and I pretty much guarantee you will make friends. And then you can say no if you want to just stay home and binge Netflix."

5. Five-ish Points: Young Thug arrested

Illustration of a neon sign on a metal tower reading 5ish Points.
Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

📈 The projected cost of Georgia Power's nuclear plant is now more than $30 billion. (Associated Press)

🤔 Georgia's Supreme Court could play a role in keeping abortion legal in the Peach State. (AJC)

🏳️‍🌈 After a 14-year run, Project Q Atlanta is taking a hiatus. (Project Q)

🚨 Atlanta rapper Young Thug was arrested yesterday on racketeering charges. (AP)

🏢 A new student-housing development is underway next to a Midtown strip club. (Urbanize Atlanta)

👩🏾‍⚕️ Here's how you can find a Black doctor in metro Atlanta. (Capital B)

🤤 Kristal loves the bread — and everything else — from Alon's Bakery.

🎧 Emma is excited that Stephannie Stokes' WABE investigation is now available in her podcast feed! Check out "The Last Year at Forest Cove."

🤧 Thomas is feeling the pollen for the first time in his life and thankful for a little angel named Zyrtec.