Good Thursday morning.

On Day 498 of Axios, we moved yesterday into our first permanent space — a whole, brand-new floor in Arlington, Va., with views of the Capitol, the Washington Monument and Georgetown. For the "reveal," we rode the elevators up from our original, incubator space in the same building, where we started in 2016 before we even had a name.

Axios President Roy Schwartz popped the champagne, and CEO Jim VandeHei told the staff of 120, in person and joining by videoconference from around the country:

  • "This thing worked because everybody came together with a shared philosophy around the type of journalism that we're trying to do."
  • "And we had a pretty cool name, Axios — in Greek, 'worthy.' The neat thing about the name is that it gave us, and spoke to, our purpose. Because every day we have to ask ourselves: 'Are we worthy of people's trust? Are we worthy of their time?'"