N. Korea alleges CIA plotted to kill Kim Jong-un

Wong Maye-E / AP

North Korea put out a statement today alleging a joint plot by the CIA and South Korea's National Intelligence Service to assassinate Kim Jong-un — and it's pretty unbelievable. BBC has the full text, but here are the allegations:

  • The assassin: The CIA and South Korea recruited a North Korean lumberjack in Russia.
  • The method: "Biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance."
  • The funding: At least $190,000, plus the required tech.

North Korea's threat: "If [the United States and South Korea] continue to make challenges in disregard of [North Korea]'s warning and common desire of humankind, they are bound to meet nothing but the most miserable end in history."

Consider: North Korea has provided no supporting evidence for its allegations, so they could be fabricated. Then again, it's worth remembering that the CIA has been known for absurd assassination attempts.