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Outdoor equipment sales take a hit as Millennials change fitness

A rock climber at The Trapps cliff of Shawangunk Ridge.
A rock climber at The Trapps cliff of Shawangunk Ridge. Photo: Waring Abbott / Getty Images

Sales of outdoor equipment are slipping, and guess who's getting blamed?

The big thing: Millennials favor clothes and sporting goods that are less specialized and more versatile, AP reports from the Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show, in Denver:

  • "Millennials — ... born between 1982 and 2004 — are less likely than the previous generation to demand outdoor gear that stands up to extreme conditions."
  • Why it matters: "Millennials are outdoorsy and support environmental preservation and sustainability, ... but they have a different take on health and fitness than their predecessors. They have a more lighthearted approach that involves their friends."
  • Matt Powell of market researcher NPD Group: "The hardest, the most extreme condition some of these boots are going to have is walking from the Prius to the craft brewery."
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