Feb 19, 2020 - Sports

Women's golf legend Mickey Wright dies at 85

Photo: Getty Images

Mickey Wright, the women's golf legend who owned "the best swing ever" and gave the fledgling LPGA a crucial lift in the late 1950s, died Monday of a heart attack at 85.

By the numbers: Wright won 13 majors and 82 LPGA Tour titles during her career and is second on the all-time majors list behind fellow American Patty Berg (15).

What they're saying: "Whenever I talked to the great players like Ben Hogan and Jackie Burke about who they thought had the best swing ever, they always said it was Mickey Wright," said Swing coach Jim McLean.

  • "You can teach with what she does just as easily today as you could 60 years ago."

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PGA Tour's "Florida Swing" is upon us

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

This weekend's Honda Classic kicks off the PGA Tour's "Florida Swing," a run of four tournaments throughout the Sunshine State that take up most of March.

Why it matters: Two years ago, the PGA Championship switched from its traditional August time slot to mid-May, meaning all four majors now take place in a 15-week span between early April (The Masters) and July (The Open Championship).

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Big Oil's ocean-wide split on climate

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

This week is providing a rolling demonstration of the divide between U.S. and European-headquartered multinational oil giants when it comes to climate change.

Driving the news: Chevron CEO Mike Wirth yesterday made the case for their posture, which eschews the deep, long-term, emissions-cutting targets of companies like BP and Shell.

Focus group: Minnesota swing voters view coronavirus as a financial issue

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

While coronavirus infections and deaths are rising in the U.S., some swing voters in Edina, Minn., said they're viewing this primarily as a financial threat — but they won't blame President Trump if it triggers a recession.

Why it matters: The responses show the complexity of how certain voters view the coronavirus, and they undermine the conventional wisdom that the president would be punished if a recession begins before the November election.