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McCain to the Senate: "We're getting nothing done"

C-SPAN2 via AP

Sen. John McCain returned to the Senate floor for an impassioned speech, calling for both Republicans and Democrats to come together.

The big quote: "Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and the television and the internet — to hell with them! They don't want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood."

On a health care compromise: "We haven't found it yet, and I'm not sure we will…I will not vote for this bill as it is today. It's a shell of a bill right now. We all know that…If this process ends in failure, which seems likely, then let's return to regular order."

Worth considering: Just before his vote, McCain voted yes on a motion to proceed to debate a repeal of the Affordable Care Act — without knowing exactly what a repeal bill looks like and with full knowledge that the motion's failure would very likely force Sen. Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back to regular order.