Apr 2, 2024 - News

šŸ‘€ April Fools', D.C.

A fake image of Paul Mescal holding a Sweetgreen bag in front of the Union Market Sweetgreen.

We really, really, wish Paul Mescal was at Union Market. Image courtesy of Union Market

Axios D.C. made the hard decision yesterday to retire Go-Go the panda as our mascot and instead adopt a new mascot close to all of our hearts: a piece of Jumbo Slice.

  • ā€¦ just kidding! Happy belated April Fools'!

If you fell for yesterday's news about a shrinking Washington Monument, a Ben's Chili Bowl-ing alley, Metreau de Parfum, or Paul Mescal grabbing Sweetgreen at Union Market, we hate to break it to you, but ā€¦ you got Punk'd.


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