Jun 1, 2024 - News

πŸ’‘ Studio living, hacked

side-side-side of platform with space for sleeping underneath, then covered by a tablecloth

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Fritz

No separate sleeping area, no problem in this 367-square-foot St. Paul studio.

  • The condo owner, Victoria Fritz, slumbers under a platform that doubles as a Thanksgiving buffet-sized dining table.

What they're saying: "My original plan was to slide my bed under it, and slide it out to sleep. But it was 2021 and IKEA didn't have the bed in stock that I wanted," Fritz tells Axios.

  • Family members helped build the platform, which allows her enough space to sit up, but not stand.

Fritz also renovated her bathroom with built-in shelves, a chandelier and eye-catching wallpaper, among other upgrades.


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