May 1, 2023 - Things to Do

Test Drive: The Dalí Museum's AI art experience, Dream Tapestry

the dream generation next to the tapestry

Brooks' dream generation (left) and the tapestry of Brooks and Selene's dream (top left in the right image). Images courtesy of the Dalí Museum

I love taking out-of-towners to St. Pete's Dalí Museum, and my trip last week was one to remember.

State of play: My friend Brooks and I checked out the museum's newest innovation, Dream Tapestry, before its "Shape of Dreams" exhibit ended on Sunday.

  • Dream Tapestry uses AI to generate images from visitors' dreams (or whatever you tell it to generate) and then stitches the images together into one big, beautifully weird piece.
  • I wanted to test drive the tech for our new feature reviewing life experiences around Tampa Bay.

What we dreamt: I fed it, "Antoni from 'Queer Eye' messages me on Instagram."

  • Brooks put in, "Journalist interviews two dogs in suits of armor."

What we got: I'm not sure if the guy in my generated image is named Antoni, but he was not the "Queer Eye" guy. Brooks' was much more on point, even though it generated a music stand/scooter in the middle of the image.

  • But for an instantaneous generation that ended up being woven into other people's "dreams," it was really cool to see. The whole thing took maybe 10 minutes.

What's ahead: A big portion of funds for the Dalí's upcoming renovation will be used for tech and AI experiences, a spokesperson for the museum tells Axios.


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