Mar 7, 2023 - Sports

Seahawks rank 11th in the NFL for working conditions, players say

Data: NFLPA; Table: Alice Feng/Axios

When it comes to working conditions for football players, the Seattle Seahawks get high marks for their team facilities — but they lose points for making players fly coach, according to a new survey of NFL players.

What's happening: Overall, the Seahawks ranked 11th of the 32 NFL franchises in the "team report cards" recently released by the NFL Players Association.

Details: The union asked roughly 1,300 current players to answer 60 questions about their team to gauge performance in eight categories: treatment of families, food service/nutrition, travel, locker room, weight room, training room, training staff and strength coaches, Axios' Jeff Tracy reports.

Zoom in: The Hawks got As and Bs in most areas, including positive reviews for their locker room, weight room and cafeteria.

  • But they got a C when it came to "team travel." According to the report card, the Hawks "are one of only seven teams that do not offer players first class flights — the only exception being after road victories."

Zoom out: The purpose of the survey — which the NFLPA says it will conduct annually going forward — was to raise standards across the league, while also providing free agents with information that might help them decide on a new team, according to the union.

  • The Vikings ranked No. 1 overall, while the Commanders came in last.

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