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📆 Utah's best cookout date

Symbol map of U.S. cities showing the best date for a summer barbecue in 2024, based on an analysis of local weather data from 2019 to 2023. Southern cities have ideal dates early in the season, in May or June, while cities on the West Coast and Northeast have dates in July and August.
Data: Pantry and Larder; Note: Ideal conditions defined as a late sunset, maximum "feels-like" temperature of 88°F, minimal chance of rain, 25% cloud cover and a slight breeze; Map: Axios Visuals

Memorial Day is the worst week to have a cookout in Utah, according to a weather analysis by the food website Pantry and Larder.

How it works: The report weighs five years of "average temperatures, rainfall, cloud cover, wind speed, and sunset time."

Zoom in: May 27 was the worst date for a barbecue, analysts found.

Mark your calendar: Utah's best cookout date, researchers found, is July 20.

🧛🏻‍♀️ Erin's thought bubble: July sucks. Too much sun.

What's next: Monday is forecast to bring sun and a high of 81°.

  • We're not sure what else Pantry and Larder could want for cookout weather.

Plus: Utah's most-searched recipe for Memorial Day

  • Spoiler alert, it's served cold.

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