May 21, 2024 - News

Fry Sauce: Aggressive police training

Illustration of a neon sign with a rotating, spiked sphere on top that reads Fry Sauce.

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

🚨 Utah police have spent thousands of dollars on training by a company whose instructors were recorded making misogynist remarks, extolling violence and encouraging officers to ignore the Constitution, according to an investigation by state officials in New Jersey. (FOX 13)

🦞 Red Lobster locations in Utah remained open as of Monday despite the company's bankruptcy filing, according to the company's website. (USA Today)

  • 87 locations across the country were listed as "temporarily closed."

🗳️ Former President Trump will visit Park City in June for a fundraiser as he campaigns for re-election. (KPCW)

🇨🇩 The Congolese army says the leader of an attempted coup Sunday was a former resident of Salt Lake City who lived here as a refugee and now runs an opposition party to the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo. (New York Times)


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