Mar 27, 2024 - News

🌊 The Current: Virginia port will help Baltimore

Illustration of a newspaper titled "The Current" on a fishing hook.

Illustration: Lindsey Bailey/Axios

🚢 The Port of Virginia is offering the Port of Baltimore help in diverting cargo after a ship strike caused the city's Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse. (Times-Dispatch)

👀 A Hanover School Board committee recommended the Bible remain in the district's libraries after a parent challenged it to show the school system doesn't evenly apply its policy. (Times-Dispatch)

🍭 Gov. Youngkin signed into law a bill that allows food made in home kitchens to be marketed online and sold at events other than farmers markets. (Virginia Mercury)

  • The legislation was inspired by a Richmond cake pop maker who was told she could face criminal charges after posting about selling homemade pops at a holiday market.

ğŸ—žï¸ VPM News reporter Ben Paviour will spend the next year working with the New York Times on local investigative reporting projects. (New York Times)


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