Jun 10, 2024 - News

💪 Pic du jour: Our champs

Abby Lampe and Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, in photo on left, and Ananya Rao Prassanna and Chaudhuri, in photo on right.

Abby Lampe (left) and Davis Drive Middle School student Ananya Prassanna (right) with state Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, who represents Raleigh. Photo: Courtesy of Sen. Jay Chuahudri's office

Two Wake County champs visited the state legislature last week:

  • N.C. State grad Abby Lampe, who recently won her second cheese rolling competition in Gloucester, England.
  • And Davis Drive Middle School seventh-grader Ananya Prassanna, who placed third in the Scripps National Spelling Bee last month.

The pair stopped by Sen. Jay Chaudhuri's office and took a picture with him on the Senate floor.


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