Jan 3, 2023 - News

What Mayor Kate Gallego and other Phoenix leaders want to see in 2023

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The start of a new year provides a good opportunity to reflect, reset and note goals for the future.

  • We asked some local leaders to share their 2023 resolution for their city. Here's what they told us:

🏈 Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego: "To have a spectacular Super Bowl experience that is accessible to more people than ever before, and that we continue to build on that big game momentum to create more opportunity into 2024 and beyond!"

🏗️ Mesa Mayor John Giles: "We’ll build on the strides we’ve made in economic growth, connecting our talented workforce with meaningful job opportunities, increasing educational attainment and adapting our public safety resources to respond to the needs of our community."

🏘️ Tempe Mayor Cory Woods: "To see new state policies to increase affordable housing options and guarantee a hometown for all."

🍮 Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers: "To keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing because we’ve been so successful. The proof is in the plum pudding!”

😋 Jessica and Jeremy: To make you smile at least once every morning, bring you more scoops and find more great local restaurants to share with you!

  • And we'll continue to hold elected officials accountable to see that their resolutions are met.

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