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🔊 How to speak proper emoji

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Eight in 10 Americans have been stumped by emoji use, according to a new report from language education platform Preply.

Why it matters: Emoji have become a tool for communicating quickly and visually, but varying cultural and generational uses continue to create communication roadblocks.

Driving the news: Preply surveyed 2,201 Americans from Feb. 1-29 to better understand how they interpret different emoji.

  • The most confusing emoji is 💅, per the report.
  • While 40% of those surveyed use the icon to signify luxury or indulgence, others say it means "nail polish," "don't mind me" and "self-care."
  • The 💨 and 🙃 are the second and third-most misinterpreted emoji.

Zoom in: Geographic location also plays into the confusion, the report finds.

  • The nail polish emoji is most misinterpreted by those living in the West and Midwest, while the dashing away emoji stumps those living in the Northeast and the upside-down emoji stumps those in the South.

💬 Isaac's thought bubble: I can't send certain loved ones ☠️ or they begin fatalistically hyperventilating. My friends understand I'm not dead, but rather dying with laughter.

  • Good to see 😷 has entered post-pandemic retirement.

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