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Why changing your cell number is uncommon, according to our readers

Why haven’t you changed your phone number?
Data: Axios survey; Chart: Will Chase/Axios

We asked our Axios Philadelphia readers last week about their attachment to their cellphone numbers — and the results of our informal survey are in:

  • More than 97% of 71 readers have held onto their cell number for six years or more. Meanwhile, more than 60% are still repping their hometown area codes.
  • Of them, 85.9% also have no intention of changing it.

Yes, but: Most of you are creatures of habit. More than two-thirds of respondents haven't changed their numbers because they just don't feel like telling folks their new digits — or they see no reason to do so.

  • Only 8.5% of readers have kept their number out of city pride.

Some of our favorite responses:

  • "My mom still pays for my phone bill, #blessed."
  • "I have a 212 number which will be pried out of my cold, dead hands."
  • "Cellphones weren't available when I lived in my hometown [and I've] been in Philadelphia with a Philadelphia number for 20 years."

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