May 30, 2024 - Culture

๐Ÿ˜€ Well, shucks, y'all!

A man holds a purple, green and gold second-line umbrella in the middle of a joyous crowd.

It turns out we're some of the friendliest folks around. Wonder what gives people that impression? Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

New Orleans and Covington are in the top picks for Southern Living's friendliest places in the South.

Why it matters: Isn't that just the nicest?

Zoom in: New Orleans ranked at No. 4 on the list of cities, which Southern Living defined as places with more than 40,000 people. Lafayette ranked No. 10.

  • But Covington earned the top spot among the list of towns.
  • "The secret's out," writes Southern Living. "Covington has created a new definition of Southern hospitality.

How they did it: Southern Living came up with the list by using a third-party to survey more than 20,000 respondents in July and August 2023.


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