Jun 7, 2024 - News

Cafecito: 😍 Marlins exec is a TikTok dreamboat

Illustration of a manatee holding a newspaper and drinking a glass of orange juice.

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

😏 Women on TikTok have the hots for Marlins assistant general manager Gabe Kapler, who's gone viral for filming himself getting dressed and narrating his daily activities. (New Times)

💰 If you rent your house on Airbnb, you can lose your homestead exemption. A local couple had to pay $15,000 in back taxes after renting out their kids' empty bedrooms. (7 News)

🗳️ Suspended Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez is running for sheriff — even as he awaits trial for his alleged involvement in a corruption scheme. He has denied the charges. (Miami Herald)

  • Martinez, who faces charges of unlawful compensation and conspiracy to commit unlawful compensation, would be disqualified from running if he is convicted, per Florida law.

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