May 29, 2024 - News

Mayor Jane's Courtyard opens on the Monon

Former Carmel Mayor Jane Reiman recognized with plaque dedication in the public courtyard at Mélange

A new place to take a pit stop and a selfie during your next walk on the Monon. Photo: Courtesy of City of Carmel

The City of Carmel has dedicated the green space at the new Mélange development in honor of former Mayor Jane Reiman.

  • Reiman, 91, served as mayor of Carmel from 1980 to 1987.
  • She was the first woman elected to the office.

Zoom in: Mélange is a $30 million residential project along the Monon Greenway just south of City Center.

  • Mayor Jane's Courtyard, which is marked with a plaque of her accomplishments, is open to the public.

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