Jun 4, 2024 - News

Mile Highlights: Ex-officer asks for lighter sentence

Animated illustration of the Denver flag turning into the Colorado flag.

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

πŸ”Ž An FDA panel is conducting a landmark review today of using MDMA, the drug known as ecstasy, to treat PTSD. The treatment was legalized in Colorado in 2022, pending federal approval. (Axios)

πŸ‘€ The ex-Aurora police officer convicted in the death of Elijah McClain asked to switch his 14-month jail work-release sentence to in-home detention due to mental and physical health issues. (Denver Post πŸ”‘)

🏘️ Gov. Jared Polis signed a first-of-its-kind housing bill that allows local governments to step in and preserve affordable housing projects. (Denver Post πŸ”‘)

πŸ›‘ The Colorado State Patrol is using a lasso-like device called the "Grappler Police Bumper" that can stop fleeing vehicles mid-drive. (CPR)


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