Jul 9, 2021 - News

A serendipitous rom-com plays out on Nextdoor

A letter posted on doors in Denver trying to find "Abby."

The note posted on doors near East High School in Denver. Courtesy of Hope Hinkson

He posted a note on doors along Detroit Street behind East High School. In bold, all-caps it shouted: "ABBY!!"

It asked: "If you see this, come to Tacos, Tequila and Whiskey by York and Colfax @ 7pm. I'm looking forward to it."

The backstory: Thomas met Abby at the gym. They exchanged numbers and made plans for a date the evening of July 3.

  • Then the 21st century failed Thomas. His cellphone broke. He couldn't text her. But he wanted her to know he was still game for the date.
  • He remembered the street where Abby said she lived and put the urgent message everywhere he could.

Why we care: We all like a good love story.

The rom-com plot unfolded on social media site Nextdoor, where Hope Hinkson posted a picture of the flier and asked neighbors: "Abby anyone?"

  • The post drew more than 600 interactions in four days. One comment: "Super sweet." Another: "Or really creepy."

What happened next: True to her name, Hope wanted to see whether the technology-crossed pair would get together.

  • So she went to the restaurant and waited to see if Abby would show up.

She narrated live on NextDoor.

  • When Abby and Thomas walked in, half the bar cheered.
  • Hope posted a photo of the two with the caption "Happy ending!!!!"
Thomas and Abby meet at the restaurant full of smiles.
Thomas and Abby get cheers as they enter the restaurant in Denver. Courtesy of Hope Hinkson

The comments flowed:

  • "I am tearing up for them! ๐Ÿ’œ"

Our thought bubble: We would really love to talk to Thomas and Abby. If you know them, pass this along and tell them to reach out to us!


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