Sep 27, 2022 - Things to Do

What Ohioans love about Columbus

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Thank you to everyone who shared opinions on what makes Ohio's capital city so great:

📚 Laura P.: "I love Columbus Metropolitan Library! What a gift to our city!"

ğŸŒž Melanie S.: "I'm a transplant from Georgia. My favorite thing is the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

  • My second favorite is, surprisingly, the weather. I know Ohio gets a lot of s--- for its weather, but when you compare it to other parts of the U.S., it's pretty good."

ğŸŽ¨ Kristina E.: "Columbus has so many artists — they make things more interesting, more meaningful, more beautiful (with a wide definition of beauty)."

☕️ Whitney V.: "This city has truly excellent coffee. We have a lot of very skilled roasters who ethically source interesting varieties and our city has a robust barista culture.

  • I travel a lot and I've had coffee in a lot of places, and Columbus is the only city I've been to where the baristas in every shop can talk about the beans in the espresso."

2️⃣0️⃣ Lisa B.: "Our favorite thing about Columbus is the metro parks and how everything is in close proximity to everything else! Twenty minutes to get almost anywhere to do anything!"

🌇 Brad W.: "My favorite thing about Columbus is that it has big city amenities and opportunities but a small-town friendliness."

❤️ Rosalind L.: "My favorite thing about Columbus is the way it is always changing and growing in being better in whatever goal it is aiming toward."

💭 Our thought bubble: We love this wide range of responses. Clearly Columbus has a lot to offer, because each of you had a different take!


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