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💡 Tips from a pro

studio living space with bed in the background
Photo: Courtesy of MDLN Interiors

Chicago interior designer Madeline Meussling shared how she turned her cramped studio apartment into a cozy home that went viral on TikTok.

🛋️ Carve out space to entertain. "I could have put my bed across from the kitchen because there was more room there, but I knew that I would have people over," Meussling tells Axios.

  • "Also, I don't want to be making dinner, and then I turn around and I run into my bed."

🛏️ Use furniture as dividers. She faced her sofa away from the bed to create the feel of a separate living room.

  • In her current unit, a one-bedroom shared with her fiance, Meussling angled the couch away from the kitchen table.
  • She also hung a noise-reducing velvet curtain in the entry to their dining room, which doubles as a home office.

ğŸŽ¨ Too much color can make a small space feel tighter. Instead, consider light taupes and creams, linen and other airy materials, Meussling says.

  • Oversized artwork can also make the ceiling look taller.

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