Jan 7, 2024 - Food and Drink

Best Chicago comfort food meals for cold days

Illustration of a knife and fork buried in snow

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

It's cold and gray, and there's another potential snowstorm on the way. In other words: January in Chicago.

What's happening: Get cozy and warm up with some of our favorite comfort foods for winter.

Frozen Pizza

Why go out in the cold or wait for the delivery guy when you can get great tavern style in your freezer!

Home Run Inn ($6.99): The crust is not too thin and bakes up crunchy, and the sauce is the right amount of sweet. Add some fresh veggies and giard to the four-cheese!

Eastside Cafe ($8.49): Featuring a crispy cracker crust, well-balanced sauce, gooey cheese and juicy pork sausage, these Warrenville-made pizzas deliver a delicious bargain.

Vito & Nicks sausage pizza ($4.99): Of course it doesn't compare to the actual legendary restaurant, but the frozen version does the trick with a nice cheese-to-sausage ratio.

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Ramen Wasabi ($17): Springy noodles in a luscious creamy broth, topped with pickled bamboo shoots, a perfectly soft boiled egg and silky pork belly that melts in your mouth.

Bill Kim's Ramen Bar ($18.99): Opt for a hybrid order, combining the spicy broth with shrimp and chicken wontons, with a savory pork broth, chili garlic marinade and a Korean chili powder.

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Steingold's ($4.50): The green onion flavor is subtle, and you can't taste the grease!

Ukrainian Magic Jug ($8.95): The delicious potato pancakes are crisp on the outside, tender sweet and oniony on the inside, with just the right amount of sour cream.

Schneider Deli ($6): The latkes aren't greasy — a huge plus — and come with the requisite sour cream and applesauce.

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