Feb 4, 2022 - Things to Do

Best day ever: Jill Hopkins

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New media and civic events producer for Metro Jill Hopkins. Photo courtesy of Sarah Elizabeth Larson

For years, many knew Jill Hopkins as the host of Vocalo Radio's Morning Amp show. But last month, she announced a move to produce new media and civic events for Metro.

  • We can't wait to see what she comes up with, but in the meantime, we asked Hopkins to tell us about her ideal Chicago day.

💨 "My husband and I call the perfect day in the city, where you leave the house with one plan, and the wind just takes you wherever and you see everyone you've ever met, 'The Chicago F---around.'

  • "It brings rarely seen faces into your life, great food, music, art, and puts you to bed with a smile on your face."

🍳 Breakfast: Hollywood Grill is the diner of my 20s and hits just right when you need a simple, greasy, comfy time. Two eggs (sunnyside), hash browns with onions and American cheese over top, sausage links, English muffin with grape jam. And keep the OJ coming, please.

🦮 Morning activity: I just want to hang out with my dog, Ollie, who loves a morning walk. He's got his besties in the neighborhood and some good rough and tumble wears him out, so he can get his nap on while we go hang out.

🦛 Lunch: Our friends Karl and Marilee Rutherford have a great restaurant and brewery on Montrose called Twisted Hippo. All their food is great, but their spicy corn dog and a pint of PlumPass are my go-to.

✍️ Afternoon activity: If it's a perfect day, I have written something hilarious and poignant for the Paper Machete at the Green Mill, and we've swung over to the GMan Tavern after.

  • This part of the day is where anything could happen and it can change how the whole rest of the day goes! Sometimes you end up at a baseball game. Sometimes you end up in Milwaukee!

Dinner: I have been obsessed with Gretel on Armitage ever since some friends invited us to brunch there last year.

  • Their ramen is the best I've had in a non-ramen shop. That being said, they have this mushroom and black truffle pasta that makes my toes curl.

Evening activity: My husband and I keep a pouch of quarters on us because we don't want to be caught slippin' at Logan Arcade.

  • Post-pinball, ending the night up on Western at the Green Eye Lounge is my absolute favorite. I usually go there after a day at work, but I love it there always and forever.

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