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Agenda Mailbag: 40 quick feedback letters on CEO salaries, tent city, a rentable mountain house, and ‘Black at __’



This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample. Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

In response to: Charlotte couple transforms $75K mountain cabin into designer Airbnb stay

“This is mine and my husband’s next goal.” — S

“That’s about seven devils too many for me partner.” — D

“Nicest Airbnb I ever did see!” — C

“Welp never gonna get to stay here now that it’s on Agenda.” — R

“I never go to the mountains because I don’t like the look and feel of dark cabins, but I would totally stay here. Amazing!” — L

In response to: Analysis: How much CEOs and typical employees make at Charlotte’s biggest public companies

“Out of the 21 on your list, only 2 are women. Boys, if you think women can’t possibly do the hard work to run a multi-million $ company, look around your own home. Who do you think manages everything to keep it between the lines for you? Caste System in practice.” — J

“Why do people need to make this much money? Even decreasing a little bit would allow employees to live more comfortably and be happier.” — I

In response to: The 24 most anticipated new restaurant, bar, and brewery grand openings of 2020

“It’s a good time to live in South End.” — A

“BOTIWALLA!!!!!!!” — S

“Literally can’t keep up. Got about 50 places on the to do list already.” — S

“I’m excited for Indian Street food and Interesting ramen dishes. That’s about it though. Charlotte doesn’t need yet another Italian or Mac & cheese or burger joint. Especially not posh overpriced ones. I look forward to more unique and diverse restaurants as our restaurant scene continues to mature.” — C

“Good stuff! Now if only the QC could convince the In-N-Out® Burger brand to expand their empire to east of the Mississippi … specifically right here in the historic SouthEnd.” — R

In response to: ‘Black at ___’: Behind the movement to expose racism facing Black students in mostly white schools

“Paige – thank you so much for writing this article. Your authenticity and bravery in sharing your story, your encounters with racism and microaggressions, and your perspective are so eye opening, informative and refreshing. I am grateful for what I learned today in reading your article – and I am grateful for the many others who I am sure you educated and impacted. Please keep speaking up and sharing!” — C

“It is with tears running down my face that I write this. I just finished reading Paige’s essay on ‘Black@’..as the white father of three black daughters, I have heard so much of this before out of their mouths. To finally see it in print is powerful. If only the people who NEED to hear it would be the ones to read it and recognize themselves in the story. My daughters were told repeatedly that they didn’t sound black or that they thought they were too good to hang out with the black students and not good enough to hang out with the white students. Two of them are now college graduates and continued to deal with the same issues in their college careers and now in their professional lives. The youngest recently started college and is also dealing with it. She will often talk about the ‘black side I show people’ to try and fit in. When will it stop? When will people see/hear what they say/do to others as wrong? It’s never ‘they’re just having fun’ or ‘they’re just kidding’..none of it is/was fun for my daughters or their parents.” — R

“Thank you for sharing. I wish you didn’t have to write something like this, but I’m sure glad you did.” — C

“Thank you for sharing this with us! I completely identify with your experience, but unfortunately never had the chance to go to a diverse school. My high school is pushing our administration as well — I thought your article was so well written & shared it with our group & allies.” — Z

“You did us all a favor by sharing your experience. This was both painful and necessary to read. I am sorry that you have had to/still do experience these things.” — J

In response to: Upcoming ‘Elopement Day’ offers $2,600 turnkey package for engaged couples affected by COVID-19

“Eloping with The Elopement Co. was the best decision!” — M

“Eloping was the BEST decision my husband and I have made together. Save the money on a big wedding and put it towards a home!” — F

In response to: Special report: 10 days in tent city with the ‘new faces’ of homelessness in Charlotte

“And if these tent cities are full of children, how exactly are they supposed to participate in online learning this school year? Not that I want them in school, but a roof over their heads, with power, WiFi and and computer seems essential.” — K

“I have contacted the Mayor and City Council many times and not a single response. It’s a shame people are allowed to live this way in the streets of Charlotte.” — A

“I have driven down this road everyday for the past 2 years. That was put on pause when quarantine started. During that time, I could still see this area from my apartment and it was sobering to see the number of tents multiplying by the day outside of the shelters. Eventually I drove down the road again and I sobbed the entire way. It is devastating. They are kind people. Loving people. They are our people, within arms reach of many of us and they need support. Thank you for covering this to spread awareness.” — A

“If anyone wants to help out please feel free to contact me and I’ll provide you with supplies to hand out! They’re all already paid for just awaiting kind souls to help deliver them to those who need! I have plenty of hygiene products all ready to go. All it takes is the desire to participate!” — @notfadeawayclt

“This was actually a really nice and well written piece by Michael. He’s been doing some great writing for you that hasn’t been too prevalent on your platform. Compliments to him!” — G

“Excellent piece, changing the narrative of our neighbors without stable housing. Makes me ponder the word homelessness because these folks have a home in tent city and clearly meaningful relationships and stories which shaped their circumstance. Go visit, give and volunteer.” — J

In response to: Reopening schools: CMS Board of Education votes to approve alternate Plan B

“I don’t understand what people want anymore. i’m as tired as everyone and i just want this to be over, but it’s not. CMS and North Carolina is trying to make the best out of the situation. they are keeping schools closed to keep people safe. Yes, online learning will suck, but until we get our numbers down, it’s what needs to be done. you can’t have it both ways. if you want Covid to be over, you have to participate in things that will lower transmission and keep people safe. you can’t go back out to normal life and expect everything to be fine.” — A

“Will resources for children with disabilities be provided? Most children with disabilities receive resources or therapies that cannot be given virtually.”  — K

“Definitely have to do what’s best to lower COVID cases, but really tough for the kids whose home situations aren’t great.” – I

“So…why even go into school for two weeks? That’s pointless. Might as well stay online and not risk teachers and students getting sick.” — A

“Thank you CMS. There is no decision that will please everyone and you made the SAFEST choice for ALL.
As a CMS employee with a high-risk person at home, I am so grateful and believe this will be a chance for us all to join together and think outside the box for serving our children in effective and innovative ways. Thank you to the board members for the work you put in yesterday in taking into account ALL schools and communities.” – A

“Are they going to provide stipend for child care, tutors, or people to come to their homes to watch their kids if both parents have to work or they are single parents?!” — P

“Cabarrus County is doing 1 day a week with students broken up in groups and the remaining 4 days remote. So one group Monday, another Tuesday, etc. This is a cluster. All the states should’ve shutdown at the same time. This is a mess.” — A

“We’re trying to close the gap, right? Keeping children out of school and expecting ALL children to learn remotely is absurd. For some children school is their safe place and they will have zero supervision or support at home. You can’t send ALL kids home with a computer and expect them to have the support at home to continue their education remotely. Families should be able to choose if going back to school is best for their family, wear a mask and let kids go back to school.” — A

“This is a good set-up for wealthy families who can afford to have a parent stay home or supplement with a tutor.” — B

“Seems as though the 2 weeks is to introduce the family to the teacher and probably go over how review what exactly will happen moving forward. Understand parents frustrations but I understand more so keeping individuals safe. I don’t think safety is ever “stupid” especially when speaking about the lives of teachers and children.”  — K

“I’m going to need a raise.” — S

“I understand these are incredibly tough decisions with people on many sides. However, this does make me sad for the kiddos who will be home, without their current friends and/or the new friends they could make in their new classes :(” — L

In response to: Could the ‘troubling’ confederate flags on North Carolina license plates be coming to an end?

“And how about we remove street signs and neighborhoods named after a plantation.” — S

“Can you imagine Germans driving around with a swastika and “Sons of the Nazi SS 1925” on their license plates?” — E

“Born and raised in NC, I’ve never seen one. As a former soldier I’m also offended there’s even an option to fly traitor colors.” — R


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