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Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on the streetcar, Capishe, cash, sushi rankings and job hopping

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: As Plaza Midwood construction hits a major setback, what’s next for the $187 million Charlotte streetcar?

“A streetcar is a $187,000,000 bus that’s not capable of taking a detour. By far, Charlotte’s WORST infrastructure idea.” – D

“Charlotte is a forward thinking and innovative city in many ways. That being said, I can’t for life of me understand two things: why the light rail doesn’t go to the airport and why we have an antiquated street car that is no faster than walking.” – P

“Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that a construction project, which has to do with Charlotte infrastructure, is potentially behind schedule and under budget?! I don’t believe it!” – M

In response to: I had 8 different jobs in 8 years. I’m embarrassed, but I wouldn’t change it

“I’m completely right there with you, I want to stay places longer and have every intention of doing so but some of us are just impatient. In the short run that actually makes us better employees the vast majority of the time, we want to get s*** done. But it also means we get frustrated when things don’t happen quickly both in terms of projects we work on and compensation/title adjustments.” – M

“I laughed out loud when I read your article this morning. Not for the reason you think – sometime last year when I started stalking you at Starbucks, I looked back at your LinkedIn profile, and thought to myself, ‘Damn. Ted has worked in digital media for over 10 years, even during college. That’s part of the reason he was able to see the opportunity to create Axios Charlotte.’ In other words, I looked at your profile and saw only positives. I considered it a model of going deep on an industry, deep enough to recognize opportunity and have the experience + contacts to execute on it.” – D

“I’ve got a slightly different view. I’ve got 14+ years of focused experience within my industry and most of that is with one company. When I send out resumes/make contacts/network for jobs I can’t even get rejection emails much less find any success. I’m applying in my field and predominately only a step or two above my current level. For me, moving to another job year after year seems impossible, not embarrassing.” – J

“My pursuit of a journalism career has spanned three cities, several low-paying gigs, and endless soul-searching. I wrote about celebrity bikini bodies for a ‘fellowship’ which paid $10 an hour in NYC. But the job was a resume builder! You could rub shoulders with media moguls! My naivety that a great education and tireless internships (for little to no money) would pay off in a magazine editor or reporter role were naught. It took me years to be at peace with this reality. I have felt the same embarrassment over my resume and fear that I will be slapped on the wrist for job hopping. It has been a huge exercise in humility and grit to find a balance between job satisfaction and moral fulfillment. I found my way into a corporate communications position that offers financial and professional stability. Sometimes I battle with the role being less creative/more mundane than a riveting writer’s life. My job is not perfect, but I don’t think anyone has the ultimate position. I would not change the adversity I faced — whether it was financial, emotional or mental — for anything either. Thank you for being genuine and authentically sharing this with others.” – D

In response to: Untappd partners with Bank of America Stadium to host inaugural beer festival on the Panthers field

“I’m no math wizard, but 15,000 people and 100 brew stations sounds like the potential for some very long ugly wait times for a brewski.” – L

“This is going to be epic.” – S

“1,000% in. I love the new Panthers owner, he’s having fun like a normal person and I respect it.” – J

In response to: Capishe, a fast-casual Italian restaurant, off to hot start — view menu and food photos

“You forgot to mention the other owner, Servet Guvenc, who has much more passion than any of the others. I work above Capishe and I’ve probably been there close to 20 times now and Servet always says hi and talks to me. He deserves a lot of the credit on the customer side of things.” – J

“We just went tonight for dinner. I think it’s our 5th time going since you all opened! We love it!” – J

“It’s really really good and the price point is perfect. It’s about time a good quality product is being offered and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.” – P

In response to: 13-story apartment tower named “Hawk” coming to South End next door to the Design Center

“Why can’t someone build condos like this? Why are apartments the only option being offered?” – D

“Hey, uh, can we get some of that development money over here in Plaza, please?” – R

In response to: Dancing and snookball: Queen Park Social owners bringing El Thrifty Social Club to Optimist Hall

“Charlotte needs more DANCING venues!!!” – P


In response to: Best sushi in Charlotte? Here’s the definitive 2019 ranking of Charlotte’s top 15 sushi spots

“O-Ku belongs at the top. Although there’s not a lot of variety or imagination in what they do with sushi, it’s the best we’ve got in Charlotte.” – J

“I was glad to see New Zealand Cafe at number two. I would have gone with number one on them, but congrats to then anyway.” – M

“Musashi in Pineville. Some of the best and extremely authentic. Wall to wall Japanese people there, so I trust it completely.” – D

“Yume and Yamazaru should be #1 and #2” – M

“Wow, no Mr.Tokyo??? Sure it’s not upscale by any means, but they do a great job with their rolls, and their buffet is the stuff of dreams!!!” – A

“O-Ku is easily the best in town. Great list.” – F

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a combined $215K salary

“I could not imagine spending that much on childcare!” – A

“Only 5 kids? Why stop there?” – M

“They need to make that much. . . those five kids are going to cost them what, until the age of 18? Over a million? And $1,500 a month towards credit card debt? If they have an emergency fund, I’d be putting that extra 2k a month directly on that debt.” – R

“Put 10%-20% down on a house ASAP, compared to waiting till 50%. You are flushing $1,500/mo down the drain when you could be building equity in property. Put 50k down on a half million dollar home and you will be at 2k/mo!” – O

In response to: Mobile dog massage exists in Charlotte and it’s only $25

“The real question is…how do we apply for this job?” – A

“Just stop it people. Holy s*** just donate your money if you hate it so much.” – T

“Don’t let Millie find out about this!” – G

“I’m not buying a massage for anyone that’s taken a dump on my rug. Not cool Amber. Not cool!” – W

In response to: Ideal for surgeons: Dilworth penthouse apartment asks $6,188/mo

“I’m having a hard time understanding WHO would want to pay  over $6k/mo for an APARTMENT (where your neighbors could be living in a $1k/mo studio paid for by their parents).” – A


“Right… because surgeons don’t have any student debt or kids and love to throw away money on useless luxury they never get to spend any time in because of their crazy schedule.” – A

In response to: How I Work: 14 questions with Charlotte Checkers COO Tera Black

“Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Love that one.” – P

“I love that she carves out gym time for her staff.” – H

“Can we please have a follow up on the mango-cutting technique?” – J

In response to: Complete list and map of Charlotte’s 30 local breweries, plus the most popular beer at each

“When the hell are they going to put one in Ballantyne? Its a huge area with lots of money, and the first brewery to open there will make a killing. Stop putting all of them in South End. It is so frustrating as a Ballantyne resident that we still don’t have a brewery, nor with anything close on the horizon. It’s ridiculous. – W

“Who could have predicted 10 years ago that we’d have 30 of these and that they’re the center of the social scene in Charlotte? This growth is incredible. Hats off to OMB, NoDa Brewing and any/all others that saw this trend back when it first started.” – J

“Great more places for drunks and alcoholics. More accidents and deaths.. just what the city needs.” – J

“Great list, but almost every recommendation from each brewery is for an IPA. There are a lot of people who can’t stand IPA’s. I know…mind blown.” – A

In response to: Blind Date: Was the wine Julie and Mike sipped the only thing getting high scores?

“I’ve never met these two but I can tell they are both not fun to be around.” – G

“Girl says she loves watching sports. Guy thinks he has hit the jackpot. Girl then complains that guy spends so much time watching sports. Guy realizes that girl doesn’t love sports, but just loves Luke Kuechly. Girl settles anyways, because she feels her biological clock ticking, not to mention the peer pressure to get hitched, so she marries guy. Guy realizes he can’t do any better, so he agrees to put a ring on it. They then live happily ever after… For about 7 years. Then they get divorced. Guy’s divorce attorney racks up the bill, telling guy that they have a strong argument for custody and the house. Then after 12 months of that, she gets the kids and house, and the guy gets to pay child support for the next 12 years. Guy then spends every evening at the local pub complaining to patrons that his ex got the house, kids, and dog. Girl goes to the gym, gets back in shape, finds the next guy, and takes lavish vacations on the old guy’s dime. The end.” – M

“There’s so much doggone pressure if the first date consists of sitting across from each other for two hours having a couple of drinks and talking nonstop. It seems like it’s a matter of rehashing the same robotic conversation shared on all the past 25 dates. Maybe if people would get off their butts and do something it would actually be fun. And please don’t tell me people always end up talking about their exes at these things. That’s not fun people! That’s why you pay a therapist or write stuff on Craigslist Rants and Raves about your ex. You don’t got to share it on your first date with people all the time. So my advice to all you lovelorn singles out there is to find something fun to do have fun with people because life is supposed to be fun especially when you’re dating.” – J


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