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Mailbag: Top 30 feedback letters on hottest neighborhoods, Rosemont, Chick-fil-A sliders, scooters and teacher pay

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: This year’s 12 hottest neighborhoods are mostly in east Charlotte

“I live in the #1 neighborhood and have for almost 11 years. It is a great place largely undiscovered by house hunters as it’s on the westside. I walk and bike to Uptown and South End. 6 minutes to Uptown or the airport terminal.” – A

“Several East #CLT ‘hoods are on the rise. What say you, gay Charlotte? Many of these, including those in 28205, are home to some of the largest concentrations of #LGBTQ people in the state.” – Q

In response to: Rosemont is now open in the old Wu’s spot in South End and Bottlecap got it right with fried food and no-frills cocktails

“I’ll take some of those milkshakes with extra cupcakes on top.” – N

“It’s so bad but so good!”- S

“Cocktails in plastic bags? While other parts of the country are getting rid of plastic bags and plastic straws…#smh” – J

“I would prefer something classy and sophisticated, not gimmicks and juiced up kid food. Doing traditional things at the highest level works Why not do a Tequila and Taco Bar there. It would crush it This will fail in 18 months… too much looming competition in South End on the horizon.” – F

In response to: I challenged Charlotte’s new Drybar to blow out my very curly hair on a humid day. Here’s how it went

“Sorry, a waste of money. Maybe only for a very special occasion, otherwise, nope. Give your money to charity.” – V

“I just downloaded app and booked.” – L

In response to: Charlotte is one of only two cities in country selected to test new Chick-fil-A sliders

“Just had it. It’s smaller than a chicken biscuit, yet more expensive. It’s way smaller than a chicken sandwich, yet the sandwich is only $.80 more. Great taste and concept. But slider need to be larger or less$ It’s a good snack, but not substantial to have alone, while a chicken biscuit and sandwich are. Yes you can get two sliders, but I’d rather have one sandwich, which seems to the be same amount of food for $1.40 less.” – M

“I don’t see why Chick-fil-a needs to test these sliders. Everyone loves chicken minis. And they are using this to drive afternoon sales due to low traffic? Traffic already backs up into Randolph Rd from 7am-8pm in Cotswold! When Publix opens we are going to be down to one lane for through traffic.” – R

In response to: Chem 101: Madison, Thomas and questionably safe science projects, plus an order of edible brains

“What is up with these people you set up going on dates, rating them a 4 or 5 out of 5, and then never talking again?! Using a broken water heater as an excuse for not following up (puh-lease) and saying you’d rate it a 5 but would only ‘probably’ go on a second date? That’s the problem with dating these days, immediate gratification and the ‘what else MIGHT be out there?’ mindset is one easy, no-commitment-necessary swipe away.” – G

You are definitely not ‘the funniest white girl in Charlotte’ if you don’t get Monty Python references. – M

In response to: I love Hello, Sailor for a summer group date

“They have 3.4 stars on Google. If I wanted to eat somewhere with 3.4 stars, I’d save myself the drive and go to the nearest McDonalds.”

“The haters are the people still pissed that the rudder is gone.” – C

In response to: Op-Ed: North Carolina teachers shouldn’t protest — they should quit

“I did, after 17 years. I now teach for a nonprofit and make a fraction of what I made before, but it was worth the sacrifice. I definitely consider it my personal protest.” – M

“Quit after 4 years and couldn’t be happier!” – A

“I couldn’t agree more. Even three years later, I still often feel guilty for my decision to walk away from the classroom but at the end of the day, I needed to make myself a priority. Of course I miss my students, but my quality of life and overall happiness is light years ahead of what I experienced during my four years teaching. I’m treated like an adult, I’m trusted to make my own decisions, I’m (strongly!) encouraged to manage a work/life balance, and yes — I’m making a heck of a lot more money. Teachers out there, life is too short to be unhappy. QUIT! – A

“It’s a free market. If you don’t like what the job pays then move on. There are lots of people to take your place. After a few years they’ll start to complain and it will be time for them to make a decision.” – T

“Would you rather have administrators hassle you all day, or start a comedy podcast about Shakespeare and rack up sponsors?’ Is the author serious?? F***ing millennials.” – I

“I have taught in CMS for nine and a half years. Yes, there’s a half year because I did what the author suggested all teachers do, I left. After six and a half years I was burnt out and regretted my career path, so I left. For a year and a half I found myself out of the school building and free, but was called back to teaching. Why? When in your core you know that it is what you were put on this planet to do, you can’t escape it…. When you have a servant heart (like all of the educators I know), you will rise up, you will protest, and you will continue to advocate for your job and your students.” – K

“You’re right, the only logical solution to fixing our broken education system isn’t to protest, speak up, and demand change, it’s just to accept that the system is broken and cowardly quit. *Spoiler Alert* it’s people like you, who encourage the system to remain as is with your ‘things will never change’ mentality… Encouraging and glorifying teachers quitting to pursue their dreams and passions not only keeps the education system the way it is, but will worsen it. And can you imagine the impact that will have on generations to come?” – C

In response to: Rea Farms is building a self-contained town in south Charlotte. Will it break the suburban mold?

“The largest Harris teeter in the state is opening there.” – C

“I live across in Waverly. It’s a nice development. However as with everything here in Charlotte, the roads remain the same. 🤦‍♂️” – F

“This development is the epitome of suburban sprawl and nothing, literally nothing, about it has an ‘Urban feel”. Let’s see, chain restaurants – check. A glorified strip mall – check. A few mid-rise office buildings that all look the same – check. Once it’s full of cookie-cutter white people that are afraid of actual urban areas the development will be complete. The problem is that this development is what some people around here think is urban. Side note: people need to travel more.” – O 

“The only mold that Rea Farms will be breaking is the fungi that got bulldozed up when they graded the place. It’s still a drive-to destination adjacent to major thoroughfares and I-485. It doesn’t connect with its surroundings. It depends on Providence Road (however indirectly) for its access. The lipstick may be expensive and high-gloss, but it’s still lipstick on a pig.” – M

In response to: Charlotte homeowners could face triple-whammy on their tax bill

“Probably just a matter of time. You have people that moved down from up north because progressive policies bankrupted their city and made it too expensive to live. You think people would have learned, but the non-native people of Charlotte won’t be happy until Charlotte is as progressive as San Francisco. No thanks!” – M

In response to: This non-profit has delivered 5,000 boxes of pads and tampons to homeless women in Charlotte

“There is something morally wrong with giant corporations charging women $7.00 For a total necessity of what is basically cotton and cheap plastic tubing. The profit per box must be 90%.” – S

In response to: Op-Ed: Dockless scooters are back on the streets of Charlotte today. 3 reasons I’m not excited

“Just like all things, this can be a great addition to Charlotte if used responsibly. These work well all over California, Europe and especially popular in Paris.” – C

“If only that guy who slid down the roof of the escalator area and launched his body towards a Lexus SUV at the epicenter last weekend had found one of these first. Epic.” – B

“This city doesn’t even respect bikes and now they wanna add scooters, but without the necessary infrastructure to do it properly, so like other Charlotte utilities, people will get hurt, crap will happen before the city gets off their ass to do it right?” – J

“Ted brings his own helmet scootering.” – F


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