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Mailbag: Top 25 feedback letters on dating, Airbnb, McCrory, layoffs, ghosts and more



In response to: We asked 19,000 people about the Charlotte dating scene. Here’s what they said.

“We asked 19,000 people about the Dating Scene in Charlotte…all of them said no to Ted. BOOM! BURN!” – A

“Hard to believe it’s difficult to date in a city so devoid of judgment. Sheesh.”

“Interesting. The dating scene sounds just like the social scene. I am married and in my 40’s. We moved here a year ago and I also find CLT to be a VERY homogenous demographic and culture… which is to say not much of anything. I live in the “burbs” (S Charlotte), and I find I’m surrounded by stay-at-home moms doing mommy n me stroller exercise classes or paint nites. Very hard to find professional, working mothers who have anything interesting to say or contribute. And NO arts scene at all.” – D

“Ugh. To the guy that said ‘Ladies – smile!’: Have you considered the possibility that women are scowling at you because you are sexist?” – P

“I would give one more avenue for dating in Charlotte – church. I moved down here and met my husband 25 years ago, at church, the first week I moved here. We had a huge singles group that all went out to do group things and we were friends for 7 yrs before getting married. I like what one of your responders said ‘Everyone is a 6 looking for a 10’. I tease my husband that he was looking for Barbie until he realized he wasn’t Ken. We had different expectations when we were in our 20s than when we were in our 30’s. Married 18 yrs now, with 2 great girls.” – D

“Thank you for publishing responses in regards to the Charlotte dating scene. It was fascinating to read how other people feel about dating in this great city. As a straight single male in my early thirties, it was comforting to find out that other people feel the same way I do when it comes to dating here. I find it extremely challenging to date in Charlotte. The online apps seem to feature the same people and there is usually a laundry list of requirements that you have to meet to potentially even garner a response back. The oddest requirement I continually see is in regards to height. If you are not taller than 5-foot-11, the struggle is real. However, I am glad I am not a woman when it comes to online dating though. I can only imagine the struggle they have to weed out which guys actually seem decent. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dirt bags out there. Trying to meet people at bars and events is difficult as well as most people have their heads buried in their phones. I believe meeting people in public is so hard because our collective social skills have deteriorated due to our technological advancements. Even with saying all of that, I’ll just keep on keeping on. To the other frustrated people like myself, don’t give up!” – M

“*AIR RAID SIREN* *AIR RAID SIREN* *AIR RAID SIREN* This is an alert from the National Ted Williams Monitoring Service (NTWMS) in Charlotte, North Carolina. At 6:20 a.m. Thursday a peak Ted Williams moment was reported traveling at 19,000 subscribers per second through the Axios Charlotte newsletter. The event, a Whole Foods Salad Bar Gift Card First Date, was accompanied by quarter-sized croutons and a 90% chance of “omg is he serious.” The NTWMS strongly discourages readers from attempting such maneuvers; Williams is a trained professional in inexplicably making impossibly lame moves work, and amateurs risk causing catastrophic damage to their reputation as a dater. This is not a test. Ted did not even spring for the hot bar. And they’re married now. This story remains an extremely dangerous Category 5 Williams Event, and can be identified by its green hue, produced by rapidly spinning kale and the sickened faces of those who hear about. Onlookers are cautioned to remain at a safe distance, as shredded carrots can cause property damage and injury when propelled at high speeds. This has been a message from the National Ted Williams Monitoring Service (NTWMS) in Charlotte. *AIR RAID SIREN* *AIR RAID SIREN* *AIR RAID SIREN*”

Ted: Wow. Incredible.

In response to: What my mom’s SouthPark hotel search taught me about the Airbnb opportunity in Myers Park

“Forgo the expensive hotel and try family bed for a night. Its when everyone in the family sleeps in the same bed together. Ted strikes me as the kind of guy who would enjoy spooning with his mom. Very Japanese and very hip.” – C

“Totally up to you (or your mom) if you want to use this trick, if you say you’re in town as a vendor to work with Bank of America or Wells Fargo you can get up to 1/2 off a nightly rate at some Charlotte hotels. I have never personally done this myself but I have heard from more than a few friends who have used this trick at the uptown Marriott and Omni. And they’ve never had to provide ‘proof’ at check-in or out or anything. Again, that’s a hearsay one but might be worth a try……but maybe not with your Mom first. Make Kylie try it first. Could be a good article – Discounts to be had on the backs of our Bank HQ’s” – R

“Check out The Home Collection, my wife’s parents have stayed at the one on magnolia a few times. Very well taken care of.” – K

“I have a private room listing for my condo, and when I know I will not be in town, list the entire two bed two bath unit to rent. I can appreciate why your parents were leery of staying in a place with the host, but I would suggest that it’s worth an email to the host to get a sense of exactly what the set up is when it’s a private room. Case in point, I travel weekly and in most cases never meet my guest that stay during the week or sometimes on the weekend. You made a great point about these guests turning into repeat customers; I have had three different groups come through that either have a kid at Queens or grandkids in the area and are looking to find a place that they can count on, for a lot less than a hotel. Feel free to have your parents reach out the next time they are coming in town, chances are I will be traveling for work and they can have the whole place to themselves ;)” – S

“I just went through the exact same thing with my parents last week. They ended up in Pineville for much less money but, you know, not SouthPark. Glad to know I am not the only one facing this costly predicament. Let me know if you find an affordable place to stow, um, house parents. :-)” – S

“Just wanted to provide some feedback on the SouthPark hotel story – I got married in Charlotte on September 24th and got room blocks for our guests at three hotels in SouthPark, each was way below $300. I have no doubt they could go up that high, but don’t want to discourage people from trying. The block rates for our wedding weekend: Hampton Inn Philips Place $135 (people not in the block that weekend paid $150), Marriott SouthPark $119 and DoubleTree SouthPark $119.” – B

In response to: The former Time Warner Cable accounting office in Charlotte is getting slashed

“Charter going to be laying off a lot more. Contrary to some, people liked Time Warner, never had an issue but some are already complaining since Charter has taken it over. Time to cut the cord, I did two months ago and have always had Time Warner.” – O

“I was a victim in the 2008 banking layoffs and it truly is sad that humans are the ones to go when looking to cut costs – maybe all corporations should look at other operating costs before people and also > good job doing this before the holidays.” – D

In response to: Pat McCrory roasted by full page newspaper ad on his 60th birthday

“The best – I know who I will use for advertising – brilliant BooneOakley!” – B

“I’ve admired most all of BooneOakley’s work. Super creative group, usually have a fun flair to their stuff. In this case, I’m disappointed. Too easy, too expected and nothing new was said. I guess ‘progressive’ is the new ‘liberal’ – and that’s ok because the balance between ‘progressives’ and ‘conservatives’ (I don’t think we’ve come up with another word for it, nor do we need to) is truly what used to make America great… the give and take of ideas and beliefs. But at some point a major shift has happened in our society. Now if you disagree with each other you are flat-out wrong, end of discussion… and it goes both ways I’m sorry to say. I imagine if there’d been a real politician-minded governor in Raleigh during the past year he would have caved-in long ago. Instead Governor McCrory took the hard road, but it was the road he believed was right… he is true to his conscious and whether he wins or loses he should be able to sleep at night.” – A

“Please see the big picture. There was never an issue with LGBT in NC. The government is trying to influence the voters by creating more diversity. I am certain transgenders have been using bathrooms in NC that they identify themselves sexually. I don’t think anyone as an issue with that, but the issue most have is the non transgender who will use this as an excuse to do harm. LGBT are screaming about their rights, but what about everyone else’s rights. I don’t want young innocent children being exposed. As a women I don’t want to share a bathroom with strange men. Where are my rights to feel safe? Don’t you think it’s odd that the first thing mayor of charlotte does is push this issue, when there really wasn’t any. Charlotte has had gay pride parades here for a while, Scorpio a gay night club that was around for a long time with no issues. Gays are welcome here and are doing well. When did they start having issues? I would hate to see them targeted because they are asking for extra rights. Please don’t let more controversy and chaos divide this state. We have more in common than differences. My conspiracy is this, someone behind the scenes is trying to destroy our country by creating division. Will we stand united or divided?” – M

In response to: Two enormous doughnuts that you need to know about

“Apparently, my staff read the Agenda. It’s as good as it looks! #BossDay” – C


In response to: What Charlotte Republican politicians are saying about Donald Trump

“Thank you for your one sided article……….Idiot.” – A

“I’m a registered Republican and wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump even if his opponent were Vladimir Putin. My conscience won’t let me vote for such a horse’s ass…just for the record I won’t be voting for Hillary either. I’ll write in a name – want my vote?!” – S

“It’s hard to keep political views out given riots, etc. in our city, but if you dip into it with an article on state republicans and their stance on Trump, it seems balanced to have an article on state democrats after the ongoing email scandal, the railroading of Bernie’s campaign, Benghazi, Iran, quid pro quo offers to the FBI, etc. There are many that enjoy the fresh approach and ‘local’ topics of your publication, I wish you continued success.” – B

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a $32,000 salary

“Thank you for doing a realistic cash confessional this week! It’s one of my favorite Axios Charlotte items to read each week and I was growing increasingly more annoyed by the lack of realism they all started to possess. If I read one more from a late 20 or 30-something who had no student loans, no car payment, no car insurance and no phone bill ‘thanks to mom and dad’ I was going to scream.” – D

In response to: Grading 11 quirky things that only littleSpoon breakfast diners will understand

“littleSpoon: I am one of the walkers passing littleSpoon daily – always wanted to stop and eat because I hear the food is good…BUT that music is not something I want to listen to when I eat – so I keep walking by.”

“When I b**ched about the littleSpoon mug situation upon moving here, I too was told it was European. But Ted… have you ever seen a coffee bowl like theirs anywhere? I went to littleSpoon with a buddy whose sister lives in Switzerland and reviews European restaurants for a living. She had never seen mugs like that in her travels, and still sends him a picture of every coffee cup she encounters to show us the handle. I’m pretty sure that’s just a convenient excuse, and they are hoping Charlotteans aren’t well-traveled enough to call shenanigans. And yes, drinking coffee from a bowl makes me feel like a savage dog too, but the hot liquid burns my hands through the thin ceramic and there’s no good way to drink coffee while reading a newspaper/book/phone. You need two hands for the dang thing. And Ted, if we can’t read while drinking coffee, what’s the point, really?” – E

“Your little quip about the music that makes you feel like you’re in a club in today’s newsletter reminded me of something you’ll probably appreciate: I took some coworkers to Viva Chicken’s Park Road grand opening last week. Everyone enjoyed their food but one of my bosses did not appreciate the music. When the head chef came around and asked how everything was, everyone said great, then the boss says ‘Except the music is a little too loud. I mean, I don’t mind techno music–‘ and the chef cuts him off with ‘it’s house music’. My jaw almost hit the table as my boss recovered and finished his thought. So no techno at Viva Chicken. It’s HOUSE music.” – A

In response to: Is the Bootlegger House the most haunted house in Charlotte?

“I’m a high school English teacher and always stress the concept of “voice” with my students. Your piece positively drips with voice and personality! I’m thinking of using it during Halloween week with my junior class. I also forwarded it to my older sister who instilled in me an unhealthy fear of ghosts, demons, and the paranormal world. She tortured me throughout our childhood with frightful stories of little demons hiding in the heating ducts of my room that would only steal my soul if I was afraid of them (her genius method for scaring me without being in the room with me) and of the plentiful malevolent spirits that lurked our hallways at night. Neither one of us has ever seen a ghost either, but we are believers, a fact that bothers me because I am a science nerd and a fairly rational, logical adult. Thanks for the entertaining piece.” K


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