May 24, 2016 - Food and Drink

Charlotte could soon have a coffee bar boutique located inside an Airstream trailer

Andrea Pasquan

Andrea Pasquan cover

Andrea Pasquan used to be known as the “Roots Food Truck Woman.” Soon she will be known as the “Urbean Woman.” 

Urbean logo

Urbean is a combination coffee bar and boutique. Sounds typical enough, right? Think again. Andrea will be running Urbean out of a refurbished 1965 Airstream trailer. And why an Airstream trailer? So she can come to you. Andrea will be taking Urbean to pop-up events, festivals and private events.

urbean airstream

And we’re not talking a walk-up window situation; you will legit be shopping inside the trailer. 


Andrea is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise $29,000 to cover the trailer and supplies. As you may have guessed, I had 1,000 questions for Andrea about her trailer, her coffee and how she came up with this unique concept. Here’s our conversation:

Me: What gave you the idea to open a coffee shop/boutique inside a trailer?

Andrea: I’ve wanted to open a coffee shop for over five years, because I personally love coffee shops. Over the years the idea evolved into both coffee and retail and being mobile.

urbean airstream sketch

Me: Where will you be located? 

Andrea: Eventually I would love to be located in Plaza Midwood; I think it would be a really good fit. I love the idea of parking in front of a business that has a similar vibe, like an interior design shop. 

Me: Why did you decide to start Urbean in Charlotte?

Andrea: In Charlotte there’s always events and Charlotte is a good city for entrepreneurs. People are so supportive and open to new ideas.

Me: When do you need to raise the $29,000?

Andrea: June 6 is the deadline.

Me: When would you be up and running?

Andrea: August.

Me: Why did you decide on selling Enderly Coffee? 

enderly coffee
Photo via Instagram

Andrea: I partnered with them when I worked for the Roots Food Truck. Enderly Coffee’s mission is to give back to the community (a portion of every sale goes towards educational initiatives). I like what they’re about. I like to partner with like-minded people.

Me: What kinds of coffee will you serve?

Andrea: Simple coffee. I’ll have about six choices including drip coffee, pour over coffee and iced coffee.

Me: Will you have hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers (a.k.a me)?

Andrea: I won’t have hot chocolate but I will have hot and iced tea.

Me: But I love hot chocolate.

Andrea: Sorry.

Me: Will there be snacks at least?

Andrea: I would love to partner with local bakeries and have a handful of pastry options.

Me: Ok, good. What items are being sold in the boutique section?

Urbean retail

Andrea: I have several retail partners. They include:

Fashion&Compassion: Jewelry made by oppressed women artisans. 

Wish We Had Acres: A local farm that makes goat milk soaps.

Yobel Market: A fair trade boutique that sells jewelry, kimonos and blankets made by women over-seas.

Tarjick Leather: A friend of mine who makes handmade leather journals and totes.

Fade Into the Abstract: A company that makes cool boho jewelry.

Fade into the abstract
Photo via Instagram

Side note: Andrea won’t offer many apparel items because a dressing room won’t fit in the trailer. But people could get naked outside. Just a thought. 

Me: Where did you buy the Airstream trailer? 

Andrea: I actually found it on Craigslist. The guys who sold it to me are also renovating it. I’m working with them on the design of the inside; it’s going to be totally customized.

inside airstream

Side Note: The following questions were asked because I have no knowledge of trailers or traffic laws. Honestly, halfway through the interview I still thought an Airstream trailer could drive itself without being towed. 

Me: Do you need a special license to haul an Airstream trailer? 

Andrea: No. 

Me: Can you go on the highway? 

Andrea: Yes. 

Me: Can you parallel park with it? 

Andrea: Probably not.

Me: Where will you keep the trailer? In your driveway?

Andrea: I don’t think my neighbors would be down with that. Luckily, I can store it with the guys doing the renovations.  

Me: Are you worried about things getting destroyed while you’re driving? 

Andrea: Yes. Everything inside will have to be secured, that’s part of the challenge of the design. That’s why I don’t want a lot of breakable products. 

Me: What’s something not many people know about you?

Andrea: I have been a movie extra in over 20 movies and TV shows. 

Airstream sign

Want to try Andrea’s coffee offerings and hear what she’s all about? She’s holding a coffee/champagne/appetizers event at Fashion&Compassion (located catty-corner to Copper) tonight. She won’t have hot chocolate but I guess champagne is a good substitute. 

Fashion and Compassion

Can’t make it to her event? You can still help make Urbean a reality by donating here

Andrea Pasquan Airstream

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