Jan 30, 2023 - News

Mass. comes in 2nd place in trivia

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Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

Massachusetts was ranked second in the country for its interest in trivia, per an analysis of Google Trends data by BetMassachusetts.com

Why it matters: It's no surprise a state as brainy as Massachusetts has a thing for intellectual competitions. Plus, pub-style team-trivia nights have become a weekly tradition in many of the area's neighborhood bars.

Worth noting: Maine was the only state with more trivial interest.

  • Here's some trivia for you: We used to own Maine, so we can take credit for their top spot.
  • And if we came in second, how do we collect our $15 gift card?

How it works: The site tallied up searches for phrases like "trivia," "trivia night," or "trivia near me" to determine popularity in each state.

  • Our neighbors in Rhode Island (which, for the record, we never owned, and don't you ever suggest to them that we did) came in fourth place.
  • Vermont placed 10th, probably due to its proximity to Western Mass.
  • The smarty-pants overlap stops there though, as neither Connecticut nor New Hampshire made the top ten.

Deehan's thought bubble: I used to host a fairly popular team trivia competition when I worked for MASSterList and later at GBH News.

  • Would you come play along if I brought that back? Let me know by replying or tell me @Deehan.

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