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Refer a Friend Program

By participating in Axios’ Refer a Friend Program (“ Program”), you are subject to Axios’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as the following terms and conditions:


  • Referrer. A real person who refers other real people to Axios. To be a Referrer, you must be in the U.S., at least 18 years old, and legally permitted to provide the personal information (e.g., email address) of each Referred Customer.
  • Referred Customer. A real person in the United States who arrives to the Site by using the unique Refer a Friend link provided by a Referrer. The Referred Customer and the Referrer cannot be the same person (for example, by using a different email address), as determined at Axios’ sole discretion. 
  • Qualified Referral. A Qualified Referral is defined a Referred Customer who is (i) in the U.S., (ii) at least 18 years old, (iii) at the time of the referral, is not signed up for any Axios newsletters or services, and (iv) signs up for an Axios newsletter or service.
  • Referral Reward. Referral Rewards are earned as the result of Qualified Referrals only. Referral Rewards are non-transferable, are not redeemable for cash, and are subject to change without notice. Referral Rewards must be used prior to their specified expiration date.

How It Works:

  • How to Refer a Friend. As a Referrer, click on your unique “Refer a Friend” link provided by Axios in an email or at
  • Credit for Referral Rewards. When a Qualified Referral uses your unique Refer a Friend link to sign up for an Axios newsletter or service, you will receive a credit toward Referral Rewards. Your credit(s) toward Referral Rewards can be viewed on Axios’ Refer a Friend dashboard (through technology provided by Friendbuy, Inc., 7083 Hollywood Blvd, 1st Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90028). Referral Awards will consist of Axios swag such as stickers, hats, T-shirts, fleece sweaters, and backpacks. Minimum number of credits and qualifying criteria required for Referral Awards are to be determined by Axios in its sole discretion from time to time. Referral Rewards may be limited based on availability and may be selected and modified in Axios’ discretion, and in the event certain advertised Rewards become unavailable for any reason, Axios may substitute other Rewards that Axios deems comparable, in Axios’ sole discretion. 
  • Redeem Credit for Referral Rewards. You must redeem your credits for the available Referral Rewards and provide your mailing information in order to receive your Referral Rewards.
  • Limitations. Referrer’s unique referral link may not be shared, sold, or used in any way except by the Referrer alone to obtain Qualified Referrals. 
  • Compliance with Applicable Law. As a Referrer, you agree to comply with all applicable law, including, but not limited to the CAN SPAM Act. Any distribution of your Refer a Friend Program link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam” under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your Account and exclusion from Axios’ Refer a Friend Program.
  • Right to Terminate Accounts. Axios reserves the right to terminate the Account of any Referrer and/or Referred Customer at any time and without notice, including, but not limited to, if we, at our sole discretion consider any Referrer and/or Referred Customer’s conduct to be in violation of these Refer a Program Terms and Conditions.
  • Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms. Axios reserves the right to cancel the Refer a Friend Program and to revise these Refer a Fried Program Terms from time to time. If we make any material changes to these Refer a Friend Program Terms, we will notify you of those changes by posting them on If the Refer a Friend Program is terminated, then any unclaimed Referral Rewards will be forfeited at that time.
  • Axios specifically disclaims all warranties with respect to the Rewards including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • You hereby release Axios of all claims and liabilities arising from or relating to the Rewards received by you. All claims arising from or relating to the goods and/or services received as Rewards shall be made exclusively against, and are the sole responsibility of, the manufacturers or service providers of said goods and services.
  • In no event will Axios be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages arising from or relating to the Rewards and/or the Program. All taxes owed with respect to any Rewards shall be the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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