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Kenya heads to the polls tomorrow to select its president, vice president, and members of Parliament, but the country is worried about the influence of fake news and unconfirmed reporting — especially after disputes following its last two elections left hundreds dead, per the NYT's Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura:

  • Some hazy stories swirling around Election Day: Kenya's head of voting technology was found dead with signs of torture, the military apparently confirmed a document that planned to rig the election for current President Uhuru Kenyatta, and allegations that Kenyatta planned a military raid on the opposition's vote counting centers.
  • By the numbers: A nationwide poll said that 33 percent of Kenyans have "little" to "no trust" in the commission overseeing the election.
  • The big issues: Creeping inflation, cost of living, and unemployment — all exacerbated by ethnic splits that Kenyans worry might contribute to violence.

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13 of Biden's former rivals to appear together at Democratic convention

Democratic presidential candidates at the primary debate in Charleston, SC. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

In a show of unity at the Democratic National Convention, 13 of Joe Biden's former 2020 challengers will appear via video to talk about the party's vision for the country and how they'll work with Biden to get it done.

Why it matters: Coalescing around Biden and his eventual running mate will help Democrats head into the general election against President Trump with a united front — unlike what they did in 2016.

IG report: Saudi arms sales were legal but didn't weigh civilian casualties

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Photo: Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acted legally when he bypassed Congress to approve $8 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, but failed to "fully assess risks and implement mitigation measures to reduce civilian casualties" that resulted from the deal, according to a report by the State Department inspector general.

Why it matters: The 2019 sale drew bipartisan ire among lawmakers, who worried it could lead to a pattern of the administration using "emergency declarations" to circumvent Congress to approve weapons deals. The report comes two months after former Inspector General Steve Linick testified that he was pressured by a top Pompeo aide to drop the investigation.

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Florida reports another daily record for coronavirus deaths

Nurse practitioner Barbara Corral and a research assistant conduct a COVID-19 vaccination study on August 7 in Hollywood, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida's health department on Tuesday reported 276 new coronavirus deaths, surpassing the state's record from July 31.

The big picture: The state also recorded over 5,800 new cases — on the low side for a state that is one of the domestic epicenters for the virus.