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Ivanka Trump pushes back for paid family leave

Carolyn Kaster / AP

In a detailed and pointed op-ed in the WSJ, Ivanka Trump called out The Journal for its contradictory article, "The Ivanka Entitlement." She argued the publication uses a supportive response from Blackstone CEO Steven Schwarzman as a platform to "make a policy distinction, to recognize the inherent value of paid leave while opposing the government's role in administering it."

Then Trump makes her case, using statistics to bolster her point. Key quote:

"The reality is that in 63% of American homes with children, all parents work. Providing a national guaranteed paid-leave program—with a reasonable time limit and benefit cap—isn't an entitlement, it's an investment in America's working families."

Why it matters: Trump, an outspoken proponent of expanding paid family leave throughout her father's administration, reveals in this letter that she is dedicated to making this plan a reality.