Apr 25, 2018

Iran rejects idea that Macron and Trump can draw up "new deal"

Iranian President Hassam Rouhani. Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP via Getty Images

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is questioning the West's "right" to renegotiate the terms of the Iran nuclear deal after President Emmanuel Macron laid out the framework for a "new deal" in a press conference with President Trump, per the BBC.

The big picture: Macron said the new deal would extend the duration of the 2015 agreement, restrict missile tests and contain Iran's regional influence. He and other European leaders are trying to reach a solution that would keep Trump from pulling the U.S. out of the nuclear deal. Rouhani hit back by saying the U.S. and France can't change a seven-party agreement alone, and that Trump doesn't have "any background" in politics, law or international treaties.

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Syria's darkest chapter

Family room without a family, in Idlib. Photo: Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The worst humanitarian crisis of Syria’s brutal civil war is colliding today with what could be the war’s most dangerous geopolitical showdown, after at least 29 Turkish troops were killed in an airstrike.

The big picture: The fighting is taking place in Idlib in northwest Syria, where a ferocious Syrian and Russian offensive has displaced 1 million civilians and infuriated Turkey, which borders the region.

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Fear of coronavirus pandemic escalates

Photo: Abdulgani Basheer/AFP/Getty Images

In the blink of an eye, we've entered a new phase on the coronavirus.

The big picture: Italy, Iran and South Korea are at "decisive" points in their responses, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

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