Sam Baker Mar 12
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Insurer says it’s staying in ACA markets because of GOP tax law

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Health insurer Premera, the only option in Alaska’s individual market, says new corporate tax cuts will allow it to keep selling Affordable Care Act coverage there. Premera sells Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in the state, and it says it will spend $50 million to help stabilize that market.

Why it matters: Health care companies have largely used their windfalls from the GOP tax law on share buybacks or to pay down debt. Premera is one of the few to even claim that its tax benefits will flow through to consumers.

Haley Britzky 2 hours ago
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Media tycoon Barry Diller talks #MeToo

 IAC & Expedia, Inc. Chairman & Senior Executive Barry Diller
IAC & Expedia, Inc. Chairman & Senior Executive Barry Diller. Photo: Cindy Ord / Getty Images for Yahoo

Barry Diller, chairman of mega-media and Internet company IAC, told the New York Times he thinks "all men are guilty," when it comes to "the spectrum" of the #MeToo movement.

"I hope in the future for some form of reconciliation. Because I think all men are guilty. I’m not talking about rape and pillage. I’m not talking about Harveyesque. I’m talking about all of the spectrum. From an aggressive flirt. Or even just a flirty-flirt that has one sour note in it. Or what I think every man was guilty of, some form of omission in attitude, in his views."

Why it matters: The #MeToo movement has rocked Hollywood and the media industry. Diller told the Times he sees the effects of this "in our companies, where the relationships between people are changing."

Haley Britzky 2 hours ago
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Delegation of Democrats kicks off Middle East trip

Nancy Pelosi.
Photo: Cheriss May / NurPhoto via Getty Images

A delegation of House Democrats, led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, is kicking off a trip through the Middle East on Saturday which includes a stop in Jordan, Politico reports.

Why it matters: The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, didn't agree with President Trump's announcement that Jerusalem would be named the capital of Israel. Pelosi said the 10 Democrats' visit to Jordan comes "at a vital time in the U.S. relationship with this key ally." Pelosi's office told Politico the trip will focus on "global and regional security and cooperation issues."