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Inside Steve Bannon's worst week in the WH

Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Steve Bannon has been Trump's right-hand man and, more formally, his chief strategist. Their close relationship made him one of the more influential people in the Trump administration — that is, until this week. Here's a recap of Bannon's lousy week that went from bad to worse in a span of 24 hours:


The start of the week was relatively quiet for Bannon. A few things popped up regarding his financial disclosures, but that didn't really hurt him.


Bannon is "a white supremacist-type person," Rep. Elijah Cummings said on Morning Joe. Though it's not clear how the Trump administration felt about Cummings' comment, later in the week we learned that Bannon's nationalist views reportedly created infighting with Jared Kushner.

45% of people view Bannon unfavorably, according to data from WaPo. That number has steadily increased since February.