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How Goldman Sachs could benefit from Trump

Goldman Sachs in New York City.
Goldman Sachs in New York City. Photo: David S. Holloway / Getty Images

"How Goldman Sachs Is Regaining Its Touch"Barron's cover story by Jack Hough:

  • "As with other big corporations, Goldman could benefit from the Trump administration’s lighter regulatory touch. It will definitely gain from a deep cut to corporate taxes and full access to overseas cash, even if the firm must mark down some tax assets and pay a one-time repatriation tax."
  • "More significantly, when trading conditions improve, FICC [fixed income, currency, and commodities] could bounce back quickly."
  • Why it matters: "No one else is as poised as Goldman to profit."
  • "With trading humbled, the firm is more diversified than it was before the financial crisis. And it is becoming more prosperous, as it expands in mergers, lending, and money management; buys back stock; and invests in technology."
  • "Whether improvements come from external conditions, organic growth, or a mix of the two, the conversation could quickly shift from Goldman’s fall from past trading glory to its relative value."
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