Stef W. Kight Apr 10, 2017
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House of (SIM) Cards: It's tough to keep your phone as POTUS

Alex Brandon, Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

The two tweeting Presidents fought hard to keep their favorite devices in the Oval Office.

Phone choice: In 2009, Obama had to convince his team to let him keep his BlackBerry for emailing, and this year, Trump tweeted from his old Android Galaxy S3 for the first few months of his presidency.

Security: Obama was allowed to use his BlackBerry — a presidential first — only after having the phone secured, changing his contact information and being restricted to communication with a short, pre-approved list of senior staff and close friends. Trump, however, did not have his Android secured against malware or hacking, as far we know, and tweeted at will.