Jul 14, 2019

Hong Kong protesters turn on news station, claiming pro-China bias

Photo: Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As tensions in Hong Kong continue, protestors have turned their disdain toward a news station they're accusing of pro-China bias, the New York Times reports.

What's happening: "Analysts say TVB’s reporting has largely focused on how the protests have disrupted Hong Kong’s famed efficiency, while playing down the political frustrations that have driven people to the streets in large numbers," the Times writes.

Between the lines: The accusations are in line with concerns that Hong Kong's journalistic coverage is becoming increasingly like China's notoriously suppressed media sphere, in which communist rulings drastically refrain free speech in reporting.

By the numbers: Activists are taking aim at the station and organizing by...

  • Gathering 100,000 signatures for a petition criticizing the station.
  • Racking up 30,000 likes on a Facebook page encouraging people to boycott the station.
  • Confronting TVB reporters while they are shooting.
  • Lobbying advertisers to refrain from working with the station.

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Civil servants join unrest as tens of thousands protest in Hong Kong

Riot police shout warnings in Hong Kong's Mong Kok district on August 3. Photo: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images

Tens of thousands of Hongkongers faced tear gas and police beatings on Saturday in the city's ninth consecutive weekend of pro-democracy protests.

What's changed: Thousands of Hong Kong civil servants joined more than 40,000 protestors — a number provided by organizers — to demonstrate against the government on Friday. They violated Hong Kong's Civil Service Code, which calls for "total loyalty" to the Chief Executive and the government, by demanding that Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam step down.

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Hong Kong police fire tear gas on protesters as thousands rally across city

Protesters throw back tear gas fired by the police in Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong Sunday. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong police again fired tear gas at protesters, as thousands of people defied a ban to rally on the streets in several districts and at the international airport Sunday, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: Activists have been repeatedly met with tear gas by riot police, as Hong Kongers mark the 10th straight weekend of protests. The former British colony retained a high degree of autonomy when it was returned to China in 1997 — including the freedom to protest and an independent judiciary. Hong Kongers worry that’s all crumbling as the Chinese Communist Party tightens its grip on the territory, per Axios' Dave Lawler.

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Hong Kong police fire tear gas again as protests test China's patience

Photo: Laurel Chor/Getty Images

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters as tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of central Hong Kong Sunday, the BBC reports.

What's new: Protesters accused police of brutality, following a second day of clashes this weekend. A key protest location was the Yuen Long neighborhood — where an armed attack on protestors, journalists and commuters took place last weekend by suspected gangsters with ties to organized crime.

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