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Safety concerns hang over new Alzheimer's treatment

Illustration of a person with a cane near a hole shaped like a red cross symbol.

Republicans' thorny path ahead on fertility policy

Illustration of a syringe under glass.

America shrugs off its twindemic

Illustration of a person with a suitcase walking towards a door with a large warning sign above it.

Water insecurity is stressing mental health

Illustration of an ice cold bottle of water in a glass case in a dried out landscape.
Arielle Dreher
Nov 10, 2022 - Health

California's flavored vape ban prevails but court challenge looms

Illustration of a juul device forming a "no" symbol with a cloud of vapor around it

America's red-state abortion wipeout

Invasive fungi recognized as a global threat

Chart of fungi categorized by priority

Pfizer and BioNTech study COVID-flu combo vaccine

Illustration of two different syringes twisting together
Shawna Chen
Nov 1, 2022 - Health

Mail-order abortion pill requests surged after Roe reversal, study finds

Photo of a hand raising an abortion rights sign against the backdrop of the U.S. Capitol