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GOP suing to stop Pennsylvania's new district map

Photo: Pete Marovich / Getty

Federal and state GOP officials will be filing a lawsuit in federal court as soon as tomorrow in an attempt to stop the new Pennsylvania district map from taking effect in the 2018 midterms, according to a statement released by the National Republican Congressional Committee's spokesperson, Matt Gorman.

Why it matters: The new map could give Pennsylvania Democrats a chance at flipping 8-11 House seats in November, according to the Cook Political Report. The GOP currently holds 13 out of the total 18 seats.

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Facebook reaches a tipping point

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios 

Of all the news crises Facebook has faced during the past year, the Cambridge Analytica scandal is playing out to be the worst and most damaging.

Why it matters: It's not that the reports reveal anything particularly new about how Facebook's back end works — developers have understood the vulnerabilities of Facebook's interface for years. But stakeholders crucial to the company's success — as well as the public seem less willing to listen to its side of the story this time around.

Caitlin Owens 6 hours ago
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Why a bipartisan push to help the ACA is losing steam

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Sen. Lamar Alexander. (Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Things are looking worse by the day for efforts to stabilize the Affordable Care Act's insurance markets. You might think Democrats would want to protect President Obama's signature achievement, or that Republicans would be motivated to prevent big premium hikes heading into midterms. But other political considerations are proving more influential.

Why this matters: If Congress doesn't step in, coverage will likely become more unaffordable for more people, and insurers may exit some markets altogether.