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Google tweaks ad policies to appease publishers

AP Photo / Marcio Jose Sanchez, File

Google will now remove ads on a page-by-page basis (instead of blocking an entire publishers' site based on one or two bad ads) and will debut a new advertising policy center so that advertisers have an access point for all ad-related questions and policies.

Perspective: In a blog post, Google Director for Sustainable Ads Scott Spencer says the platform paid out more than $11 billion to publisher partners in advertising in 2016, roughly 13% of Google's total advertising revenue.

Why it matters:

  • Speed: Will allow Google to more quickly pull down nefarious ads at the individual level. Google's scale makes it difficult to monitor advertising without occasionally causing some rule-abiding publishers to inadvertently suffer.
  • Publisher relations: These updates are designed to make it easier for publishers to make money from platforms like Google AMP and Google Search, in addition to enabling more transparent relationships.
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