GM says Cruise should be rated on test difficulty, not miles

GM's self-driving car, Cruise. Photo: GM

General Motors' self-driving car unit, Cruise, wants to shift how consumers (and the press) evaluate self-driving car technology, which has so far focused on the total number of miles driven.

Between the lines: This is Cruise's attempt to shake the notion that the company with the most autonomous miles driven has the best self-driving cars. Currently, that distinction, at least in California, goes to Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving car unit, which began working on this in 2009 (Cruise declined to share its miles driven so far in 2017). Cruise's move also comes just a day after a report from The Information that paints a bumpy picture of Waymo's self-driving cars, which have been driving around Chandler, Ariz., and nearby suburbs.