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From warehouse to your door, a human may never touch your online purchase

Greiner with her drone. (Steve Jennings/Getty Images/Creative Commons)

In a decade or so, the package delivery — from the time you click on an item you want until it arrives at your door — will almost never involve a human hand, according to a leading robot developer.

  • Against widespread layoffs of U.S. retail workers, Amazon earlier this year said it's hiring 100,000 new workers in its warehouses over the coming year or so.
  • But Helen Greiner — co-creator of the Roomba home vacuum, one of the best-selling robots of all time, and now CEO of a Massachusetts drone company called CyPhy — suggests that robots will not only hold most warehouse jobs, but also drive delivery trucks and carry packages to your door.
  • Or drones will drop them to you, safely checking for children before shouting out, "Clear the landing area."
  • "It's really not far-fetched because there are companies working on each part of it today," Greiner tells Axios.