Axios' Sara Fischer and founder Jim VandeHei. Photo: Axios Events

Americans' coronavirus fears are increasing as they continue to worry the federal government is unprepared to deal with the spread of infections, The Harris Poll's Mark Penn discussed at an Axios event on Thursday.

Why it matters: The country, from local governments to the White House, is taking the coronavirus much more seriously now than when the outbreak first began. However, the U.S. is battling an overabundance of information, some accurate and some not, while trying to prepare the health care system for the worst.

What they're saying:

  • Mark Penn: "Very large numbers approve of the government response. But if you ask them about the need for stimulus, ... whether it's a payroll tax cut or a check or lower interest rates or bailout, basically their attitude is, 'you better do something'...Most people think the government needs to do more."
  • Axios' Sara Fischer: "Reporters have an obligation to tell people through a data-driven clinical lense. So people might say, 'Hey, this feels overcovered.' But at the end of the day, what the data is showing us is, in fact, most people are not taking this seriously enough."
  • Axios' Caitlin Owens: "What is going to happen, almost inevitably is we are going to see a spike in cases soon, in the next few days...Right now, the problem is, America's hospitals do not have the beds or the equipment that statically will need care. That's why you are seeing triage units being set-up outside of hospitals."

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Jun 26, 2020 - Health

America's workers still aren't protected from the coronavirus

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Essential workers have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic for months, but the U.S. is still doing relatively little to protect them.

Why it matters: With no end to the pandemic in sight, America's frontline workers still must choose between risking their health and losing their source of income.

Updated Jun 28, 2020 - Health

Florida reports record single-day spike in coronavirus cases

Data: Covid Tracking Project and Florida Department of Health; Chart: Axios Visuals

Florida reported 9,585 new coronavirus cases on Saturday — surpassing the state's previous record of 8,942 infections in a single day, set last Friday, per the Washington Post.

By the numbers: Florida's total number of cases stands at over 130,000 as of Saturday night. The state confirmed nearly 9,000 the previous day.

8 mins ago - World

The 53 countries supporting China's crackdown on Hong Kong

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo: Rolex/Pool/Getty Images

China's foreign ministry and state media have declared victory after 53 countries joined a statement at the UN Human Rights Council supporting Beijing's new national security law for Hong Kong — compared to 27 who criticized the law.

The big picture: The list of 53 countries was not initially published along with the statement, but has been obtained by Axios. It is made up primarily of autocratic states, including North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Zimbabwe.