Jun 27, 2017

FDA wants to tackle drug prices by boosting generics

The FDA is taking a new swing at drug prices, announcing two new policies Tuesday that aim to boost competition from generic drugs.

  • If fewer than three generic versions of a particular drug are on the market, the FDA will "expedite" new approval requests.
  • It's also creating a new list of brand-name drugs that should be especially ripe for generic competition (products that have been around long enough to lose their temporary market protections), but don't have any. And it will also expedite the approval process for generic versions of those drugs.

Why it matters: The FDA has no direct authority over what pharmaceutical companies charge, but newly installed commissioner Scott Gottlieb has said he wants to leverage the power the agency does have — and the approval process for generics is one of its most powerful tools.

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America's future looks a lot like Nevada

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Today's Nevada caucus will foreshadow the future of American politics well beyond 2020.

Why it matters: The U.S. is in the midst of a demographic transformation, and the country's future looks a lot like Nevada's present. Today's results, in addition to shaping the 2020 race, will help tell us where politics is headed in a rapidly changing country.

Coronavirus spreads to more countries, and U.S. ups its case count

Data: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins, the CDC, and China's Health Ministry. Note: China numbers are for the mainland only and U.S. numbers include repatriated citizens.

The novel coronavirus continues to spread to more nations, and the U.S. reports a doubling of its confirmed cases to 34 — while noting those are mostly due to repatriated citizens, emphasizing there's no "community spread" yet in the U.S. Meanwhile, Italy reported its first virus-related death on Friday.

The big picture: COVID-19 has now killed at least 2,359 people and infected more than 77,000 others, mostly in mainland China. New countries to announce infections recently include Israel, Lebanon and Iran.

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